🎁 Receive A Tea Tree Oil On Orders Over $100! Don't Miss This Special Offer! 🎁

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🎁 Receive A Tea Tree Oil On Orders Over $100! Don't Miss This Special Offer! 🎁

This week, we are giving out Tea Tree Essential Oils on orders over $100! It will be our last Christmas giveaway so don't miss out on this one! 😀🎄🎁  

 Tea Tree Essential Oil has many benefits. It can be used for Acne, dry scalps, skin irritations, bacterial, fungus and viral infections, treating head lice and scabies, and many more!

One of the most useful ways to use Tea Tree Oil is as an insect repellent. Not only does it work as an insect repellent, but it also helps soothe bug bites including mosquitoes. 🦟 

 Our Tea Tree Oil bottles are the perfect size for backpacks, so you can take it with you when you go on  holiday or camping. 🛬🏕🎒 

 ⏰ Make use of this fantastic opportunity and don't miss out! ⏰ 

 💙 Heppi 💚

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