Lemongrass Essential Oils

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Lemongrass Essential Oils

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and now taking some time off work and rejuvenating your body and mind. 

I would love to share with you my favourite Lemongrass Essential Oils. It always bring back memories of my childhood in Indonesia. 

The ladies in the village often cook with this herb, creating a wonderful aroma of authentic Indonesian cuisine. 

It is also widely used as a massage oil to heal and soothe muscles, and warming up your body. 

It is often added to hair treatment mix to strengthen hair roots and bring back the shine. 

It is a must-have in the traditional herbal tea mix, together with curcumin and ginger. 

It is also proven to be very useful for repelling insects. 

To watch a video on the full use and benefit of Lemongrass Oil, please click here 

If you are keen to try Lemongrass Oils, now is your chance, as I am giving out these lovely oils for orders above $100. Be quick, 5 days only! 

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