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Best Investment For Your Health ūüíß

How are you and your family this week? I hope this email finds you well, healthy and happy. 

Water is the biggest component and most important part of a human diet and nutrition. I often receive questions about high performing water filtration systems for your family. One that will significantly reduce contaminants like Fluoride, Metal & Chlorine, one that will provide continuous supply without the waiting time (this is especially true for large households), and one that will be the best investment for your health.  

We are so proud to introduce you to KYK HISHA, the best of the best in our range for creating Ultra-pure Alkaline Water for your family. 

 KYK HISHA Advantages : 

High performing Alkaline Water Ioniser, removing all water contaminants including Fluoride 

Continuous supply of Alkaline Water, removing the need to constantly refilling and waiting 

4 Stage of Alkaline Water LED lights to show you exactly when to change filter 

Filter replacement every 12 months for regular family consumption 

Very easy to replace filters 

Designed and manufactured by an Award-Winning Water Purification Company in Korea, with products distributed all over the world including the USA, Canada and Europe. 

12 Months Product Warranty 

Click here to view the KYK HISHA Product Manual which contains detailed Installation Instructions. 

KYK Water Ionizer most recently awarded the Most Trusted Brand of Korea is also the most awarded brand internationally - Korea, Europe and the US. Named after the renowned scientist Dr Kim Young Kwi, who owns more than 130 patents, with 35 years of study on the science of water for human health, the KYK series offers both innovation and design, a mark of style, simplicity and luxury for our homes today. 

For 12 monthy installments of $142, you can have this magnificent Alkaline Water Ioniser KYK HISHA in your home. Click here to get yours today : 

With every best wishes ūüôŹ¬†


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