🎁 Get 2 Hand Sanitisers On Orders Over $100! Offer Ends Soon!🎁

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🎁 Get 2 Hand Sanitisers On Orders Over $100! Offer Ends Soon!🎁

This week, we will be giving out two Heppi Hand Sanitisers for orders $100 or more! 🎁 

 Ever since Australia announced that we could go out of our homes and visit others, shops and public places have been opened. We have been going out to restaurants and parks, but we also have to remember to always sanitise our hands. 🧴🖐🏻 

Heppi Hand Sanitiser contains Isopropyl Alcohol (70%), water, Jojoba oil & a few drops of Eucalyptus Oil. It is the perfect size for handbags, pockets and kids lunch bags. 🎒👜 ⏰ Make use of this fantastic opportunity and don't miss out! ⏰ 💙 Heppi 💚

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