Alkaline Water: What is it? And more importantly why should you be drinking it?

Why should you drink Alkaline Water?

All of our bodies require a slightly alkaline internal environment to function optimally.

This exact pH level may vary according to each individual. On average most people require an internal pH of 7.4 to feel their best.

This is preferably achieved through maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Yet, for most of us that can be tough!

Family, friends and long hours spent at work can quickly get in the way of the best laid plans to exercise and eat well.

Many of the processed foods we incidentally consume cause our bodies to become more acidic.

This can lead to a range of health issues including low energy, acid reflux, chronic fatigue, depression and aching muscles and joints.

Water accounts for 71% of our planet and over 50% of each of our bodies.

The source of life it is one of our most valuable resources and an essential part of our daily diet.

For many of us drinking water is taken for granted and we do not consider the quality of or effects the water we consume may have on our bodies.

Tap water across the globe can contain various additives. Some of these additives may be helpful. Other additives or contaminants present in drinking water, such as lead, may be detrimental to our health.

The pH level of the water we drink also varies depending on its source and may have an impact on our bodies.

The tap water we consume is generally a neutral pH to slightly acidic.

Alkaline water is simply water that has a pH level of above 7 and is therefore slightly alkaline.

The HeppiBody Alkaline Water Jug makes the path to good health easier by helping to restore your body’s internal balance every time you drink a glass of water.

By choosing to sip alkaline water each day you can take a simple step towards a healthier, happier life. The increased pH of your alkaline drinking water helps to reduce acidity and aids your body to return to its alkaline state naturally.

The increase in pH allows for greater hydration of your body’s cells. Rich in antioxidants alkaline water helps your body to release acid and the toxins stored in your fat cells.

As our bodies age staying hydrated becomes even more important for our health. The higher level of free hydrogen in each glass of alkaline water helps you to age gracefully by enabling effective hydration.

Finally, the HeppiBody Body Alkaline Water Jug removes any contaminants such as lead from your drinking water. Only retaining the helpful minerals including calcium carbonate and iron that are sometimes found in tap water.


How can you find the perfect glass of alkaline water?

There are many different sources of alkaline water available. These range from natural spring and mineral waters to homemade solutions.

Alkaline water occurs naturally in many rivers and springs across the globe. Some of these natural sources of alkaline water have been bottled by major corporations and our readily available in supermarkets today.

For those of us unwilling to continually purchase bottled water there are several ways to produce your own alkaline water at home.

The simplest and most common method of creating alkaline water is to mix warm tap water with a small amount of lemon juice.

Although lemon is an acidic, citrus fruit when its juice is metabolised by our body it has an alkalising effect. That means it helps to raise the pH of our body’s internal environment.

Lemon and water solution may be a cheap way to source a glass of alkaline water each day but, for many of us it is not always time efficient and the slightly sour taste can be overwhelming.

Alternatively, large alkaline water ionisers may be installed into your kitchen at home. This is a far costlier and more permanent method of sourcing alkaline water.

Water ionising systems can cost thousands of dollars, a price tag not always within the means of a family budget.

The HeppiBody Alkaline Water Jug provides the perfect solution. Compact and affordable Heppi makes the path to good health and a happy life accessible to everyone.

Through the latest bio ceramic technology, the HeppiBody Alkaline Water Jug works to increase the pH-level of your tap water naturally.

Heppi produces smooth, great tasting alkaline water to help restore your body’s internal balance every time you take a sip.


To purchase your HeppiBody Alkaline Water Jug today or learn more about Heppi products simply follow the link to our website at

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