3 reasons HeppiSkin Laundry Balls are good for you, the environment and your budget!

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There are few options on supermarket shelves today that provide a natural alternative to traditional laundry detergents.

With nowhere else to turn, many of us are forced to continue using products that may contain harsh chemicals, strong scents and require multiple rinse cycles to thoroughly clean our clothes.

Standard washing liquids and powders can irritate sensitive skin, harm the environment and make a dent in your weekly budget.

Mother of three and Heppi founder, Atri Arinia, knew there must be a better way to do her laundry.

In order to help her daughter, who was battling chronic eczema, Atri embarked on a long search for less abrasive products.

When Atri found her solution, she was so pleased with the dramatic results, she started her own company and began selling HeppiSkin Laundry Balls to a loyal market online. Her discovery has changed the life of her daughter and her entire family forever.

Here are three of the most important reasons why Atri uses HeppiSkin Laundry Balls each day and how she hopes they can also benefit you on your path to a happy, healthy life:


1) Heppi is good for you

HeppiSkin Laundry Balls offer a cleaner, safer alternative to traditional laundry detergents. Each laundry ball is made from non-toxic and BPA free materials and filled with all–natural ceramic beads.

These powerful beads use the latest bio ceramic technology to alter the pH level of the laundry water inside your washing machine.

By altering your laundry water to an alkaline pH, HeppiSkin Laundry Balls are able to break down dirt and odours in your washing without any harsh additives.

This process enables the laundry balls to sterilise and disinfect your clothes, while at the same time removing any residue of chlorine or past detergents.

HeppiSkin Laundry Balls are designed to work in place of washing powders or liquids. Simply put the laundry balls into your washing machine with all your dirty laundry before commencing your wash cycle.

HeppiSkin Laundry Balls help your family say goodbye to harsh, in-wash laundry detergents forever and leave your laundry soft and clean after every wash.

Skin sensitivities are on the rise and may be exacerbated by strong cleaning agents, chemicals and fragrances typically found in “off the shelf” laundry detergents. Most importantly for Atri and her daughter, HeppiSkin Laundry Balls are the perfect product for anyone suffering from skin allergies or irritations.


2) Heppi is good for the environment

The earth is 71% water, yet only 1% of this is fresh water available for human consumption.

The majority of us take for granted the availability of our most precious resource. In Australia alone international water experts have found every individual consumes an average of 341,000 litres of water each year.

HeppiSkin Laundry Balls help your family to conserve water with every wash.

Through the latest bio ceramic technology, each laundry ball increases the pH of your laundry water.

No added washing powders or liquids results in no bubbles, less rinsing and a much shorter wash cycle.

Less water used with every wash and no added chemicals to find their way down your drain make HeppiSkin Laundry Balls a great way to help minimise your impact on the environment.


3) Heppi is good for your budget

HeppiSkin Laundry Balls can have a positive impact on your household budget.

Less bubbles, less rinsing and less water usage equals a cheaper household water bill.

In addition, HeppiSkin Laundry Balls are built to last. Made from high quality and durable materials, each laundry ball is designed to work for up to 12 months from its first use, making it a very economical product.

To make sure you always get the best results from your HeppiSkin Laundry Balls, simply check your washing machine is set to warm and soak any items with difficult stains in water prior to washing.

To purchase your HeppiSkin Laundry Balls today or learn more about Heppi products simply follow the link to our website at heppi.com.au

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