3 simple steps to a happier, healthier you

For many of us eating healthy and maintaining our weekly exercise regime can be an endless battle.

Work and social commitments often seem to get in the way of even the best laid plans.

Yet, feeling happy and healthy does not have to be a chore. Here are three simple ways to improve your wellbeing without giving up on a night out with friends or a cheeky treat.


1) Avoid harsh chemicals

It is not just what we put in our body that can make us feel unwell but, what we put on it.

Skin sensitivities are on the rise and harsh chemicals and strong fragrances only exacerbate the conditions many of us face.

By seeking the most natural alternatives to traditional laundry detergents you can benefit your health, help the environment and save money.

Through the latest bio ceramic technology HeppiSkin Laundry Balls naturally alter the pH of your laundry water.

Designed to work in place of traditional detergents HeppiSkin Laundry Balls cause your laundry water to become more alkaline and therefore enable it to break down the dirt and odours in your laundry without any hash additives.

Each laundry ball is BPA free, non-toxic and durable built to last 12 months from their first use.


2) Make your drinking water work for you

Water is an essential part of our diet yet, most of us never stop to think of what is in our tap water and the effects this may have on our bodies.

By taking the time to consider the type of water you consume each day this small change in your routine can leave you feeling much happier and healthier.

Our body relies on a fine internal balance to keep us feeling our best. For many of us our optimal pH level is 7.4. This is slightly alkaline. As we consume processed foods we often increase the acidity of our internal environment.

Stopping to ensure the water we sip is slightly alkaline, or has a pH above 7, each day can allow for greater hydration of your body’s cells and aid its ability to restore its internal balance naturally.

As our bodies age staying hydrated becomes even more important for our health. The higher level of free hydrogen in each glass of alkaline water helps you to age gracefully by enabling more effective hydration.

Rich in antioxidants alkaline water helps your body to release acid and the toxins stored in your fat cells.

There are many ways of accessing alkaline water some of these can be time consuming or very expensive. The HeppiBody Alkaline Water Jug provides the perfect solution.

Compact and affordable Heppi makes the path to good health and a happy life accessible to everyone.


3) Take some time for yourself

The crazy pace of modern life with endless deadlines, bills and family commitments can leave many of us stressed and overwhelmed.

This can lead to anxiety, lack of sleep and a host of health problems.

To feel our best it is important to remember the cheapest solution to good health is to make the time to achieve it.

Take some time out of your day for yourself. Guilt- free. To relax, to meditate and to rejuvenate.

Recent studies indicate a mediation or regular yoga practice can help to reduce your stress levels and improve your fitness.

Yoga and meditation are easy to learn and accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels.

There are many different styles of yoga to choose from. Hatha Yoga is the most widely recommended to deal with stress and involves a combination of mediation, poses and breathing techniques.

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