How HeppiSkin Laundry Balls will benefit you?

Laundry Ball Benefit

Should I give this Laundry Ball a fair go?

This is how Laundry Ball will benefit you :

1. Laundry Balls are chemical free.

It is perfect for those who are concerns about skin irritation, eczemas, dermatitis, and other skin disorders. It is gentle on baby’s skin, the elderly and great for all family members. My daughter suffered from Eczema when she was a baby, thus my reason to search around for skin-friendly laundry solution. After I used Laundry Ball, her eczema calmed down significantly.


2. Laundry Ball will replace normal detergent, and will give nearly as clean result compared to washing with detergent. Please see attached diagram.
I have personally been using Laundry Balls in the last 9 years, without any detergents. Our clothes will come out clean and fresh and soft, with no slimy feeling. Most general stains will come out easily (dirty school wear, nappy stains, kitchen stains), however hard stains like bolognaise sauce or permanent markers will need few washes to clear completely. I find that my colour items stay brighter for longer, compared to when I used detergents.
3. Laundry Ball is environmental friendly.
It will not create water pollution from using detergents. Please see attached water pollution photo caused by the use of detergents in household.
4. Laundry Ball will make your washing machine last longer because it will not build residue inside your machine.
5. Laundry Ball wil save your household budget. Lets say for O** 3.6 litres $ 40 will last 100 washes. I wash everyday so in 1 year I will have to spend $146. Laundry Ball cost only $75 (50% less), it will last for 12 months even used everyday.
Switching to Laundry Ball is easily one of the best decision I have ever made in my life. I cannot help sharing to everyone.
With Heppi Spirits..


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