How Do You Do Skin Care?

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How Do You Do Skin Care?

Caring for your skin is a big responsibility. Well, that's what I tell my kids all the time. It's just because your life will be so uncomfortable if your skin is not right. You can do well in other things in life, but if your skin is not happy, neither will you.

Your skin is also a reflection of how you are inside. Sometimes when an ailment arrives, and you can't point what is wrong yet, your skin will be the first to tell you that something is not quite right inside. 

We want glowing skin, not just for the great look of it, but for the benefit of our overall well-being.

Daily Cleansing

No matter how busy we are, do take time to take a bath or shower every day. Our skin needs to be able to breathe and accumulated dust, dirt, oil, may block the pores and create breakouts. 

I would recommend washing your face twice a day, just because it is an uncovered area and will accumulate more dirt than any other body parts.

Hands need to be washed frequently, importantly before meals, after toilet visits and after contacts with dirt or grease.

Feet needs to be cleaned after bare feet sessions. Watch out for warts!

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

For me and my family, who are blessed with dry and sensitive skin, this part of skincare is a must! Once-daily after shower head-to-toe is the bare minimum, twice a day is preferable to maintain. 

Hair & Scalp Matters too

Wash your hair and scalp every 2 days. Oily hair and scalp can create breakouts on your scalp.

What Products to Use

This is a very important question, and each of us may have an individual preference. If your current product feels right for you, keep using it.

If you are still in search of 'the one' right product for you, I would recommend finding products that are made specifically just for your type of skin. For example, if your skin is dry and sensitive, find products that are specifically formulated for dry and sensitive skin.

The way I see it, there are few major categories of skincare :

  • General skincare found in the supermarket isle
  • Specialised skincare found in chemist/pharmacy
  • Cosmetic skincare found in luxury brands (Ie Clinique, Chanel, Lancome, Estee Lauder, etc)
  • Natural skincare found in Health Shops

My skin doesn't do well with General Skincare and Cosmetic Skincare. So the price tag does not matter at all in Skincare, whether it is cheapest or most expensive. 

I can sometimes tolerate Natural Skincare but has experienced inconsistent result. The instability of natural ingredients will be one of the reasons why.

My skin does best with Specialised Skincare, especially with Sebamed Range. I believe in the Science of Healthy Skin, and the importance of the pH balance of the product. It consistently delivers clear healthy skin for me and my family. QV is my second preference, though at times it still causes breakouts.

Trying out different products is tiring, time-consuming, and of course, money consuming. So my best advice is to find something that is specially curated for your type of skin, proven, and dermatology tested to increase your winning chance!


Yes, please! Sun protection is important to maintain healthy skin. Burnt skin not only hurts, but it also does great damage to your skin barrier. A liquid form of sunscreen (instead of creamy one) works best for sensitive skin.

For Ladies Only

Lastly, for ladies only, makeup or no make up? 

I might be biased because my line of work does not require me to be dolled up with make up every single day. I often feel like wearing makeup if there is a work meeting or event at school. 

I try to go without the foundation because it easily causes break out to my skin. Light powder, refreshing lipstick, tidy eyebrow, a bit of mascara, that's something I would go for.

I believe healthy glowing skin is the best make up I can ever use, and I am happier if I can look beautiful naturally rather than artificially.

But I do realise some people are required to wear makeup in their line of work, or just simply can't live without makeup. It all comes down to personal preference, and if your skin loves it, go for it! 😊💙💚

Heppi xo

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