10 September 2021

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Are You Okay? 🤗

Growing up, when people asked me "How Are You", I will always reply "I am good thanks". I lost the real meaning of the question, they are more like a greeting rather than a question. And of course, even if it is a question, answering "I am not good" is not good.. that was what I thought. 

Few years ago, I met a Mum at school. She is very bubbly and happy. Whenever I greet her and say "How Are You?", she came up with different answers every time. Didn't sleep well last night, so hungry this morning, kids are so annoying, frustrated with making lunch boxes. It might be trivial, but it is very eye-opening to get to know someone like her, who can be open and honest about how she is. And from then on, of course, our friendship flourished. 

One morning, I had a terrible start of the day. All the things that could go wrong did go wrong. I was frustrated and emotional in the car. Arrived at school car park, quickly dry my eyes, fixed my voice. "Get it together," I told myself, it is drop off time for goodness sake! Took the kids down and put on a smile. I met the Mum, she looked at me straight in the eye "What happened? Are you okay?" For the first time, I decided to be honest and share with her what has gone wrong in my morning. 

It really helped me when I share, as if a heavy burden was lifted off my heart and my head. Suddenly I felt the rest of my day will be just fine. 

This week is R U OK? week. I hope we can keep an eye on the people around us. And I hope if someone comes to you to help, you are willing to open up and receive some love 💛🙏 

💙 Heppi 💚

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