3 September 2021

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Celebrate Dad His Way 🤴

Wondering how to make Father's Day extra special this Sunday? 

I have suggestions below of some amazing activities that you can do with Dads, yes, even in a lockdown..

1. Trace your family's roots. Even if you think you already have a grasp on everything there is to know about your Dad, there's so much more to his story. Take a walk down memory lane by flipping through his photo albums and school memorabilia. Then take time to trace your Dad's family tree to get a deeper look at your family's past and present. 

2. Plan a family workout. Even if you'd rather spend your Sunday lounging on the couch, Father's Day is a time to do whatever your dad loves most — even if it's working out. Skip the gym and hit the trails or jog along the water. Or if the weather isn't in your favour, let him choose an at-home workout that you can do right in your living room. 

3. Watch HIS favourite movies! Yeap, it is HIS day and HE gets to choose the movie.  

4. Serve dad an all-star brunch. He can have all his favourite things on the table. 

5. Have a family game night. This year, let Dad lean into his competitive side during a family game night by playing classics like Jenga, charades or Monopoly. If Dad loves trivia and brain teasers, you can even host a family trivia night! 

In our household, we are going to do Number 3: Watch HIS favourite movie. Can you guess? Yes, Star Wars it is! 

I hope you will have a fun Fathers Day with your Birth Dad/Step Dad, and all Father Figures in your life.  

Stay well and happy, where ever you are 🙏   

💙 Heppi 💚

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