What Are the Right Food For You?

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What Are the Right Food For You?

Continuing our Skin Healing journey, today we will be looking at what it means to eat right. 

When it comes to food and cooking ingredients, each of us must have a preference. I love this, I am ok with that, or I can't stand it. 

These natural preferences are a build-up of our body's reaction to certain food. They have to be observed and acknowledged.

I will give you my examples :

  • My skin becomes itchy after I eat strawberries
  • I feel bloated after eating Cauliflowers
  • I have breakouts in my face after eating peanuts
  • Soda drinks made me gassy
  • Dairy made my tummy upset

For these reasons, I naturally shy away from these food items when offered. I didn't think they are 'bad' for me; after all Strawberries and Cauliflowers are fruit and vegetables, they can't be harmful, right?

That was what I always thought until I found research by Dr Lam who is based in California, USA. I am not an affiliate, I have no connection with Dr Lam. 

Dr Lam's Blood Type Diet

Dr Lam's work centred around Adrenaline Fatigue which affects tiredness and overall well-being. In my case, I really wanted to improve my family's skin condition. He is proposing that certain foods and drinks are creating different reactions to individuals with different blood types. His research concludes and categorises food that is Beneficial, Neutral, and Not Allowed for each Blood Types. 

When I first had a look at my blood type table, my jaw dropped. The food items that I naturally avoid because I had reactions to are all listed in the Not Allowed section. And of course, I had some of the ingredients which I occasionally enjoy also listed in the Not Allowed section. I can see a few of my favourite things are listed in Beneficial section, which is great. I also found some food items that I never had before listed in Beneficial section. I went over my comfort zone to try these new ingredients, and to my surprise, I love them.

I also apply these recommendations to my daughter who was suffering Eczema, and truly her skin improves after following the recommendations.

I am sharing his recommendations for each blood type here. I hope they will be a useful guide for your Skin Healing Journey.

Blood Type A

Blood Type B

Blood Type AB

Blood Type O

Remember to take notes when you make changes to your diet, and record your skin reaction and progress there.

Here is to a healthy skin, one step at a time.

Heppi xo 💚💙

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