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Are You Ready ?! 🎒

Hello Atri 😊 

Okay... The holiday is almost over. Very soon we will be coming out from our caves, back to school and greeting the world again. 

Few things that I will be organising for my family : 

New Drink Bottles. A new year deserves new drink bottles. Not just any drink bottles, the Heppi bottles filter out contaminants and alkalize the water at the same time. Great for kids and adults. 

Hand Sanitisers. It is just a must, in the bag, in the car, in their pockets. 

Green Kids Powder, for extra nutrition and the kids' immunity. 

Berry Active Immune Powder, to boost our immunity. ​

Happy Back to School! May 2022 be a fantastic year for all the children young and old! 

Heppi xxx 💕

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