Alkaline Water Bottle
Alkaline Water Bottle
Alkaline Water Bottle
Alkaline Water Bottle
Alkaline Water Bottle
Alkaline Water Bottle

Alkaline Water Bottle

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This is the life-changing solution you and your family have been looking for to enjoy the benefits of Clean Alkaline Water, on the go, and oohhh so affordable.

Filtering your water is the best way to care for your family while also caring for the environment. Do your part to cut back on the millions of water bottles thrown away everday.

This simple purchase will cut your spending on bottled water, and save your money.

Change your water, change your life.


  • Naturally increases the pH of your drinking water to range 8.5 - 10.3
  • Filters out Chlorine and other contaminants including lead and copper
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Provides increased hydration


  • 1 x 550ml, BPA Free, Alkaline water bottle
  • 1 x Filter Cartridge

Filter Change

  • Filters need to be replaced every 2 months
  • Click here to get the filter replacement :

Care and Maintenance

  • Change filter every two (2) months
  • Discard the water inside the bottle and rise your bottle with warm water every morning
  • Operating temperature: 5 - 45 degrees Celcius, do not use for boiling water
  • Shake before drinking 

Bottle Size :

  • 7 cm diameter x 22 cm tall 
  • Perfect for school drink bottles, travel or the office
  • Fit to school bag, backpack, or medium handbags



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