25 May 2021

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Your Immune Booster 🥗

What is your favourite Immune Booster? 💪 

Apart from drinking Alkaline Water every day, my next favourite Immune Booster is having a Green Smoothie. It is delicious, healthy and fulfilling. I would mix up Green Apples, Kale, Cucumbers, Spinach, and add a square of ginger to zest it up. 

Another great way to boost immunity is to use Green Powders in your water or sprinkle it on top of your favourite dish, cereals or oats. It is highly Alkalising and tastes delicious! It is also available in a travel sachet for you who like to be quick and on the go. 

Click the link below to get your Green Powders : https://www.heppi.com.au/collections/green-powders 

Victoria is facing another Covid Restrictions. Let us stay strong, take care of each other. And once again, we will get through this together. 🙏 

💙 Heppi 💚

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