Have You Ever Wonder? 🤔

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Have You Ever Wonder? 🤔

I am grateful for the chance to greet you today. I hope you and your family are well and having a great start to the week. 🙏 

Here in Melbourne, it is now 16 degrees, and our school is having a Swimming Carnival (outdoor pool!). Surely the kids won't feel the cold since they are having so much fun. I am shivering at home thinking of the cold pool water, or am I over-worried? 🥶  Anyway... 

This week, a lovely client of mine asked about how Laundry Balls work and what they do. I am sure many of you will have the same questions and thought I will share them here in case you are curious. 

They are used for washing your laundry, essentially replacing your laundry detergent.

So there will be 2 Laundry Balls in a box. If your washing is less than 5 kg, use 1 ball. If it is more than 5 kg, use 2 balls in one go. Put the Laundry balls together with your laundry, set the wash with warm water, and away you go. 

Inside the balls are Alkalizing ingredients, which turns the laundry water into Alkaline Water. Alkaline Water has a high ability to extract dirt and germs from your laundry and will clean your laundry without the harsh chemicals which are not good for you and the environment. 

Another advantage is that your laundry will come out soft and clean, without any detergent residue that often makes our laundry slimy. You can also tell from your jeans, they will be soft instead of stiff. 

The Laundry Balls need to be recharged and dried under the sun as often as you can. They will last you for 12 months from first use. It will save your budget on buying laundry detergents. 

Your washing machine will also stay cleaner for longer. Do you often find detergent residue in your washing machine? They will turn into blackish stuff around the reams of the tub. When you eliminate the use of detergent, your washing machine will stay clean. 

Heppi Laundry Balls is a great solution for families with Dry, Sensitive and Problematic skin because it eliminates contact with chemicals that will likely to aggravate the skin condition. 

I hope you can give Heppi Laundry Balls a go in your family, I know you will love it. 

Here are what current users have to say about it 👇 : 

"The best for laundry. Good for the environment. Good for the items being washed. Good for the skin. Win-win all-round" (ST) 

"Amazing! Love these so much!" (NM) 

"There are two of them. I have used Laundry Balls for the past five years. These balls are unique in separating the aroma for the cleaning process. I love them" (RW) 

"I absolutely love my Heppi Balls. Not having to buy washing powder again/ No more white powder staind on my clean clothes. Brilliant" (LC) 

💙 Heppi 💚

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