Step 1 to Your Eczema Healing

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Step 1 to Your Eczema Healing

When I was dealing with my daughter's eczema 13 years ago, I felt so alone, I felt that no one understand my daily struggle.

If you or your loved ones are struggling with Eczema, I would like to remind you that you are not alone.  

We are in this together, and you will make improvements, one step at a time.

In the month of September 2020, I will share useful tips to deal with Eczema. 

I am also inviting you to ask me questions or share your stories about life with Eczema. 

I am happy to help any way that I can, even it is only an ear to listen to your struggles and frustrations. 

Stop and Reflect

The first thing I would suggest, is for you to take time to Stop and Reflect. We are going to play detectives with Eczema, and this will give us the best chance of fixing the problem. 

You see, Eczema might be a genetic issue (like my daughter's), but it can also be a lifestyle or environment issue. 

Get yourself a notebook and start writing down notes about your daily Eczema condition. 

On your first page, I would like you to answer these questions :

  • When did it start? (approximate month and year)
  • How did it start? Which part of your body the rashes started to appear? 
  • What is happening with your life at the time? 
  • Significant work event?
  • Significant family event?
  • How did you emotionally feel around that time?
  • How was your sleeping habit?
  • What was the food that you ate daily?
  • What kind of beverages did you consume? Coffee, soft drinks, cordials, juices, alcohol? Name the brand
  • How was your water intake? How much water did you consume a day? What kind of water?
  • What was your skin care routine? How often did you take a shower?
  • What skin care brand did you use? Body wash, moisturiser?
  • What kind of clothes did you wear in daily basis?
  • Did you play sports or exercise that got you really sweaty? What was your routine after sport?
  • What did you use to do your laundry? Name a brand.

Looking at your old photos will help you remember the event details of your past, so I encourage you to do that. Please also write down any other important details that you think is important, every little clue matters.

By answering these questions, you might find A-HA! moments yourself, things that you knew how to fix already. Do that, and take note of what changes you are making. 

I will write again next week for more tips to Eczema healing.

Remember, one step at a time, and you are not alone.

Heppi xo 💙💚

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