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Have you been wondering what Laundry Ball is and how it works? 

Heppi Laundry Balls utilise the latest bio-ceramic technology to increase the pH- level of your laundry water. Naturally cleaning your clothes without the aid of harsh laundry detergents. 

Each box contained 2 (two) Laundry Balls   

Benefits : 

Simple and easy to use, just place two Laundry Balls into your washing machine with every wash 

Last up to 12 months from first use 

Great for sensitive skin 

Effectively clean and soften laundry 

Remove bad odours 

Antibacterial cleaning power 

Enable you to wash colours and whites together 

Prevent non-water based colours and inks from fading   

Instructions : 

For loads under 5 kg, use 1 ball. 

For loads over 5 kg, use 2 balls. 

Recharge Laundry Balls by drying them out in the sun as often as you can 

Works on cold water wash. It works even better on warm water wash   

Here is a link to the product video: https://youtu.be/xaZ0fMCmWoU 

Also, check out the Customer Reviews at the bottom of the Product page to hear what they think about it : https://www.heppi.com.au/collections/laundry-balls/products/laundry-balls 

Our¬†Heppi¬†Essential Oils¬†goes really well into your laundry with the Laundry Balls. Your laundry will come out clean and sweet-smelling ūü•į¬†

May you have a wonderful week ahead and be blessed in whatever it is that you are working on this week ūüôŹ¬†

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