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Welcoming Go Vita Chelsea as our Stockist! 🎉 

At Go Vita, we have a wide range of natural health products to help you unlock life’s energy, along with expert advice and support from our qualified staff. When you walk into your local Go Vita you are dealing with the owners. That’s why you receive the personal touch and are treated like part of the family. Our health specialists treat each person as an individual and work with you to find the best whole health solution for your lifelong wellness. Wherever you are on the path of good health from novice to enthusiast you will be treated with care, respect and honesty. Walk out with new energy for your whole life! 

Address 417 Nepean Highway Chelsea, VIC, 3196 

Call Us Shop Tel. 03 9772-5614 

Shop Hours 9am-5pm Monday - Saturday 10am-4pm Sunday

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