13 April 2021

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Special Treat For Your Pets 🐶 🥳

There are no justified measures of how much joy pets and animals bring into our lives. They fill our days with fun and laughter, and on our down days, they picked us up and shower us with unconditional love. They are the best kind of friend anyone can ever have.

This week we celebrate National Pet Day, and we are grateful for all pets that have been with us in the past and in present.  

One of the greatest thing that we can give to our pets is health, and their drinking water quality is no less important than ours. 

Give Heppi Alkaline Water to your pets too. It will be very beneficial for their health, lengthen their life span and most importantly they LOVE it and would want to drink a lot of it every day. 

Here are some more reason why Alkaline Water is good for your pets : https://waiakeasprings.com/pets-ph-why-your-pet-should-be-drinking-alkaline-water/#:~:text=By%20drinking%20naturally%20alkaline%20water,to%20optimal%20hydration%20levels%C2%B9. 

PS : Above is a picture of Sammy, our furry family member. He is a lot of fun and energetic, yet gentle and loving when we need him to be. Who have you got in your family and what makes him/her special? 

💙 Heppi 💚

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