Baby Facial Cream 50 ml - Sebamed

Baby Facial Cream 50 ml - Sebamed

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No tears formula!

Why Sebamed Baby Facial Cream?

100% Soap and Alkali-free
• Paraben-free
• Aluminium-free
• Free from nitro-mochus compounds, formaldehyde, nitrosamines and dioxan
• Without colour additives
• With pH value of 5.5 - the same pH of healthy skin
• Consolidates the resistance of baby’s delicate skin
• Rich in panthenol and allantoin to soothe and regenerate irritated skin
• Panthenol and lipid compound protect against irritation around the mouth from saliva
• Vitamin E safeguards against harmful environmental influences
• Non-occlusive
• Easy to apply and readily absorbed
• Oil-in-water emulsion
• Recommended for extremely sensitive or dry skin e.g. atopic eczema, senile xerosis or psoriasis.
• Dermatologically and clinically tested

Baby sebamed®

The best protection from the first day

All products in the Baby sebamed® range are formulated with the pH value
of 5.5 of healthy skin, to promote the development of baby’s acid mantle
and stabilise its pH value.

Baby sebamed® products use mild tenside compounds with herbal extracts
for gentle, non-irritating cleansing of the delicate skin.

Natural active ingredients such as almond oil, shea butter, allantoin and
panthenol soothe and moisturise the skin without blocking the important
metabolic function of transpiration.

Dermatologically and clinically tested. Free from nitro-musk compounds,
formaldehyde, nitrosamines and dioxan.

Made in Germany, Sebamed products are recommended by and developed with dermatologists for everyday care of the skin and to actively assist in the treatment of sensitive and problem skin.

So choose Sebamed for all your skin care needs and those of your whole family. It simply works.