Hand Sanitiser 50 ml
Hand Sanitiser 50 ml
Hand Sanitiser 50 ml
Hand Sanitiser 50 ml

Hand Sanitiser 50 ml

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Sanitise your hands on the go, anytime, anywhere, without water. 

This is the perfect Hand Sanitiser that "Do the Job" and nourishes your skin at the same time.

It contains 70% of Isoprophyl Alcohol 99%, Water, Jojoba Oil and Eucalyptus Essential Oil.

Packed in a compact 50ml Spray Bottle, a handy size to fit hand bags, kids school bags, pockets, and in the car. 

Spray system will ensure good coverage on your hands without the big spill, one bottle will last you a long time.


How to use :

- Shake well before use

- Spray 1 -2 pumps on to your hands, spread it on to your fingers, palms, and wrist.

- Apply regularly throughout the day, especially before meal, after sneezing/coughing, and after being in public places

- Wait 5 seconds before inhaling


Safety :

- Avoid spraying to eyes

- Keep away from fire