Our Story

At Heppi we are on a mission to provide families across the globe with all-natural health and body products that are good for you, good for the environment and good for your budget.


 Meet Atri

After years of struggling with her daughter’s severe eczema, Heppi founder, Atri Arinia, took matters into her own hands by sourcing all-natural solutions to benefit the health of her daughter and entire family.

Through Heppi she hopes to give all families the gift of a Heppi and healthy life.

 “I am first and foremost a mother of three precious daughters. The health of my family has always been my first priority and it has guided my choice of products to use at home. This includes alkaline water in place of tap water, laundry balls instead of detergents, natural and organic foods and supplements, as well as natural haircare, skincare and facial care."

 "My natural approach has made a big difference to the health of our family. As a result, I have decided to share these benefits with other families, with the goal of helping them to achieve health and happiness.”

Atri Arinia, Founder of Heppi


Our products


HeppiBody Alkaline Water Jug

The HeppiBody Alkaline Water Jug works to maintain the body’s natural pH.

In place of tap water, Alkaline water provides increased hydration with every sip.


HeppiSkin Laundry Balls

HeppiSkin Laundry Balls utilise the latest bio-ceramic technology to increase the pH level of your laundry water, naturally cleaning your clothes without the aid of harsh laundry detergents.